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The story of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 30 stories for 30 days

Genre: Chapter Book

Ages: 10-15 (younger ones can have it read to/with them)

Available: @muslim.memories@crescentmoonbookstore@happystreet_store

Islamic notes: there was a lot of places in the book where I noted Seerah situations that I wasn’t sure about. (Saying Amina had angels reveal to her Muhammad (pbuh) name, calling the King of Abyssinia another name besides Najashi/Negus, implying Uthman (RA) freed Bilal when it was Abu Bakr, etc)

I enjoyed this Seerah book by @booksforlittlemuslims . I liked that it was divided into thirty chapters and they were written simply enough for older children to read. This makes it a good Ramadan read for a family.

I also liked that the chapters were not too lengthy and each covered a different Seerah topic and story.

The Seerah starts with the Prophet’s (pbuh) blessed birth and ends with the last Hajj and his death. Overall I thought it was divided well and explained in a format suitable for young readers.

There were parts that I was unsure of and some parts that seemed to be discussed too much in each section.

I feel like the book could have benefited from more editing and some linguistic changes. I honestly feel that a few word changes, some copyediting, and some extra Islamic fact checking would take this book from a good resource to a GREAT one.

I especially appreciate the fact that it is written for an age group that is so vastly in need of more Islamic books.

Overall, it is a good resource for older children and covers the basics. I can see this being read together as a family and discussed, and it is a good introduction to seerah for older children/MG age.

price: 10 usd


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