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The Story of Younus Written by ME

Genre: Book Journal⠀

Ages: 5-8⠀

Available: @bismillahboxkids shop @sirajstore

Islamic note: no concerns⠀

This book came in our @bismillahboxkids theme: Dive Towards the Mer-Sea of Allah!⠀

I really loved this book journal by @smartarktoys . It is so unique and perfect as a homeschooling resource.⠀

The book is divided into pages, the left side is the story of Yunus (AS) written by the book author and with a small illustration. (None of the prophet) The right side was a blank page with lines and a little square space for stickers.⠀

The lines were perfect for budding writers to write their own versions (with a parent to help check authenticity) of the story down. ⠀

I feel like writing down the story in their own words helps children with maintaining that knowledge on their own and memorizing it.⠀

I loved that stickers came in the back of the journal and the child would have to pick a sticker to place on the journal in the right place for the story.⠀

The story seemed authentic as far as I could tell, and it was written fully, simply enough for kids, and with all the wonderful details that make this story so important to learn from.⠀

Check it out!⠀

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