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The Theft of Sunlight

I absolutely love every single one of @booksbyintisar and this one did not disappoint!!! Though not an Islamic novel, it is a fantasy written by a Muslim author, and I appreciate how clean it is for a fantasy❤️

Genre: YA Fantasy

Ages:16 plus

Available: Amazon for 6 usd!

Screening: Magic. Mentions of rape, child snatching and selling into slavery, brief mentions of brothels/prostitution, a bloody losing a limb scene

Based in the same universe as Thorn (another novel I love and have reviewed before), Rae is a horse farmer’s daughter living peacefully in her small town when the Snatchers take her friend’s sister. Rae promises her friend that she will do anything she can to help get her back, and when the opportunity to go to the Palace and then be attendant to the princess arise, Rae sees an opportunity to change politics and corruption from the top. But a meeting with thief lords, court drama, and political issues all stand in her way…

First off: THIS BOOK ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER and I need to know what happens asap (book 3 coming this summer!!!)

Rae is a beautiful and strong protagonist and the reader can’t help but love her and cheer her on in her quest to uncover the 30 year corruption ring that is resulting in slavery and child trafficking in the Kingdom. She might have a deformed foot and limp, she might be “plain looking,” but her beauty is one of the heart, and her beautiful characteristics of loyalty and goodness make her one of my favorite heroines of alllll time!!!

Honestly, I loved that Rae had an imperfection (her crooked foot). Reading how she grapples with people’s perception of her, their words calling her a “cripple”, and how she learns to come to terms with her disability and love the body she was born into and be stronger for it just made the book so much more powerful!

The book is GORGEOUSLY written! I don’t know how to explain it except I was lost in the world within and the masterful writing was a treasure to read. I suggest blocking out some free time when you start, cause you won’t be able to stop until you finish!!

I just can’t wait to see more and I am counting down the days until the next book comes out!!

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