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The Tortoise and the Hare: A West African Graphic Novel

A clever graphic novel on the classic tale the tortoise and the hare but with a West African Twist!!!

Genre: Early Reader Graphic Novel

Ages: 6-10

Author: Siman Nuurali

Illustrator: Katie Crumpton

Publisher: Capstone

This is such a clever book that had me smiling and so engaged!

This is not your typical hare and turtle story that we all grew up hearing.

I truly feel like this story is so much better, makes more sense, and just made me smile and laugh at how hilarious it was!!

Written in true folktale style, and illustrated in a unique graphic novel format, the story really delves into how the turtle really beat the hare! And its not what you will expect!!

Filled with West African names and cultural tidbits, I enjoyed this version greatly and would def recommend.

Y’all know I love everything by Siman Nuurali, and this did not disappoint!

A must have addition for little graphic novel readers!


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