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The Trouble with the School

Another fun chapter book entry of the #muslimbookstagramawards2021 !!

Genre: Early Reader Chapter Book

Ages: 7-10

Available: @hibamagazine

Screening: super duper clean!

This delightful book about the concept of halal money was absolutely so fun to read! At around 60 pages, and lots of adorable humorous drawings/doodles, it is a lighthearted tale perfect for younger elementary kids!

Musa is zoned out during class when his teacher asks him what humans need to live. He says food, drink, air…and money. Hilariousness ensues and after a halaqa session with his mother, and a trip with Uncle Saeed, he realizes the importance of Halal money in Islam.

The doodles reminded me of the Eliyas series and they were humorous and cute.

There were also little facts on the pages that were educational about money, the history of money, and the economy!

The book included tons of Islam- both in the lived experiences of Zayd and Musa and in Islamic information about money, wealthy people in the Quran (a whole list was written out in the book), Sahaba with money, and Ahadith about money!

The writing could have used more work, and it did get preachy at times, but it still totally worked for me! The humor, the doodles, Musa’s hilarious antics and his adorable point of view- they all work to make the book a well-rounded read and educational fun for little Muslims!

Def a recommendation from me and BOTH my kids!!

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