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There was an Old Auntie Who Swallowed a Samosa

“She rolled over them all, past the little bookstore,⁠

Past the shoe racks, and right out the front door!”⁠

Genre: Picture Book⁠

Ages: 4 and up⁠

Available: @ruqayas.bookshelf

I think this just might be my kids favorite book from the preorder pack lol (truth), and in fact, its genuinely my favorite @ruqayas.bookshelf book of all time and quite possibly my favorite Islamic picture book ever!⁠

Auntie Sophia is famous for her samosas, and the special ingredient is one tiny splash of her home-grown super hot peppers. When she accidentally swallows a samosa whole (it turns out to be super super hot), she starts to make her way through the whole iftar table to try to alleviate her tummy troubles. After a hilarious turn of events, she plops back in front of her house, determined that next year- she would grown only flowers!⁠

I love that the book is set in Ramadan, at the mosque, and full of Islamic tidbits! I also like how it lowkey hints to kids that eating too much just really does not allow a person to be able to stand and pray taraweeh (haven’t we all been there lol). ⁠

The book is a new format for Asmaa Hussein, and I loved it!! It brought such a fresh new style, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it! It is modeled after the “old lady series” that any young reader will likely read at school; and it was genuinely done so well. The rhymes were perfect, the story entertaining, and the twist at the end super hilarious! (Read to see if you can find the twist early on lol, I reread it and realized that it was quite literally staring me in the face, and I was still so hilariously surprised in the end)⁠

I loved the way it was written. It genuinely is a literally masterpiece- I am not saying this lightly as a writer. This tale genuinely is so wholesome and wonderful and will become a classic in my home.⁠

And the pictures are also so wonderfully diverse and authentic. I love how Ruqaya’s Bookshelf continues to publish diverse Muslim Picture books that all little Muslims can relate to!⁠

Also, how awesome is the samosa recipe by @threecupsofchai at the end!⁠

Def a must have book🎉🎉

Price: 14 dollars


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