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This Woven Kingdom

Wow! This story held me in its clutches from the very first page and I found myself sucked into the world and emotionally invested in what happens!

Genre: YA Fantasy

Ages: 16 plus

Available: Amazon (preorder)

Islamic Screening: One steamy kissing scene. Mentions of Jinn and Iblees (although I really appreciated that the author’s note stressed that this is not Islamic cannon and only a fantasy world inspired by stories)

Alizeh is a Jinn, but not an ordinary one. She has ice in her veins, and this makes her unique: a target for danger. Her parents were killed when she was 11 and she has been on the run since, being a servant and sewing clothes for a living. She lives in the world of Clay, human beings, who ever since the peace accords in the war between Clay and Jinn, coexist with but dislike that Jinn have powers and so discriminate against them. Alizeh is almost attacked by a street urchin, and her defense of herself is noticed by Prince Kamran. He seeks her out, unknowingly bringing attention to her, and a prophecy that just might be the end of her…

I really don’t wanna spoil this book, as honestly, I enjoyed every second of reading it, gasping out loud at the surprises and twists. The story is masterfully written, and it is super clean and teen friendly for a fantasy. It blends real life into imagination, and the world-building was superb. The romantic connection between Alizeh and Kamran was sweet and the action of the main plot was very exciting to read.

This is not a Muslim/Islamic story, but a fantasy by a Muslimah Author. I enjoyed seeing Persian culture sprinkled throughout like the food and Persian numbers!There was nothing really religious, although the story did reference Iblees’s expulsion from the heavens to Earth and the effect that humankind’s creation had on the Jinn. Nothing I thought was problematic at all, just a fun fantasy that is very enjoyable to read!

The story did end on a cliffhanger, and so I am excited and waiting for book two, as I am genuinely invested in finding out what happens to Alizeh and Kamran and the kingdoms.

This was an ARC from Netgalley, the book releases Feb 1, so make sure to preorder to read for yourself!

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