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⭐️⭐️⭐️I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this BOOK!!!!! ⁣

Genre: YA Novel-Fantasy⁣

Ages: YA/14 and up ⁣

Price: 2.99 usd⁣


Available: Amazon Kindle⁣

Islamic screening: pretty clean throughout. Mentions of magic and singing.mentions of violence/blood and assault. Nothing too gory or detailed. ⁣

Note: it is not an Islamic book per se, but it is written by a talented Muslimah: @booksbyintisar

⭐️WOW I mean...I am still trying to find the words to describe how amazing this story is!!!!! I literally was biting my nails while reading because of how invested I was in the story, and I felt myself swept away to the land of Menaiya so deeply, I felt like I was in the story and experiencing it! ⁣

All the fun elements of a fairytale are in the story: A sweet princess (no damsel in distress- she saves herself AND her prince), a chivalrous prince, an evil witch, and a kingdom in danger...all in a story with a happily ever after! ⁣


Alyrra is unwanted and abused by her mother and brother for standing up for a servant and betraying one of their “own”. When a prince comes to marry her from a powerful kingdom, no one understands why. But on the way there, a sorceress out for revenge against her betrothed curses her and switches her body to that of her nemesis, Valka. The princess then has to face life as a goose-girl (a goose herder). And the curse includes an invisible collar around her neck that makes it impossible for her to speak her truth.⁣

Alyrra changes her name to Thorn, and does well in her new life. She befriends a talking horse, makes loyal friends, and even builds valuable allies in the city. ⁣

At first, Alyrra decides she is content in her new home. She hates court life and does not care for being royalty.⁣

But she also discovers hard truths in her new home: hungry kids, poverty, thievery, snatchers, and the rape and murder of young women, like her close friend. ⁣

AND- the sorceress threatens to use Valka to destroy the prince.⁣

Read the rest of the book to see how Alyrra takes back her crown and her prince. ⁣

A perfect and fun read for teens! Full of imagination and intrigue , but also essentially about doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is!⁣

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