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Tips for a Spiritual Ramadan at Home

Ramadan is in a couple days, and though this month is beloved in our hearts, this year does hold sadness in knowing that Masjids will be closed and huge Iftars canceled.

However, there is no doubt that this month has a spiritual blessing, and comes with special qualities that I notice every year!

And even though this year might be different, there are many ways to bring spirituality into our homes.

Fun fact: Mommys have been doing this for years😉 We are used to staying at home to take care of little ones and we find our spirituality at home!❤️

🌙 Make a small Ibadah corner: put your favorite prayer rug, a clean pair of Prayer clothes, a Quran (on a stand/table), and Dhikr beads. Keep the distractions out (no technology) and spend time each day worshipping here.

🌙Buy a spiritual book, and spend some time each day reading it. (Examples of spiritual Adult books on my Amazon page) It might only be a few pages, but steady reading of Islamic knowledge will surely make a change over time.

🌙Small but continuous deeds: the key is to build habits you can continue. It might be small, like adding one pair of Taraweeh prayers before you sleep, focusing more in Prayer, or reading more Quran daily-but being continuous makes it more likely to succeed and continue the whole month, and beyond!

🌙Change what you watch, see, and hear! It might seem small, but stopping Music and putting pause on Netflix for this month WILL have a positive impact on your heart! Listening to an Islamic series (like@yaqeeninstitute) will help you feel more spiritual!

🌙Bring the spirit HOME- through decor, Islamic books, Islamic crafts. (It doesn’t have to be expensive-many free/cheap options out there)

🌙Zoom Halaqas! Yes, though you can’t see each other at Iftars, have a video friend session where you each prepare a Hadith/Ayah to share!

🌙RELAX: Mommies, your hard work cooking Iftar, doing e-learning, waking up with the baby, cleaning messes over and over, going to your job— all this itself is Worship: make your Niyyah for Allah and Ramadan undoubtedly always comes with blessings

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