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Tis the Night Before Eid

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore@rashidibooks

Islamic screening: It is an Islamic twist on a Christmas poem.⠀

The first thing I noticed about this beautiful book is how high quality it is. The hardcover is gorgeous, the glossy pages are thick, and the illustrations covering every page make this book an artistic masterpiece itself. I would expect nothing less from the talented @madimarart , whose designs and illustrations I have long admired on instagram.⠀

The book is about the night before Eid alfitr as it mentions Ramadan and Taraweeh coming to an end.⠀

The book is well written, and I was impressed with the rhymes which were spot on, with well rounded grammar and word choice. The verses conveyed the spirit of Eid while also showing the sadness of saying goodbye to Ramadan.

I appreciated the uniqueness of this book in that it perfectly describes these last day of Ramadan: a joy for Eid and yet also sadness at the blessed month ending.⠀

I loved how illustrations showed the mother was both hijabi and not wearing hijab in some pages, the family was diverse, and the mouthwatering food!!! I mean what is the night before Eid Alfitr about if not dreaming of the fact that Allah blesses us with the ability to eat during the day again.⠀

This is such a wonderful book for Eid, and I love reading it to my kids. I think my favorite page was one about the Ramadan spirit staying alive! It is the perfect book to read in these last few days❤️

price: 18 usd


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