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Tittle Tattle Talia

A hilarious and cute story about the dangers of gossiping and backbiting!

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-6


Illustrator: @bendacin

Published/available at @kubepublishing

Talia is a little girl who loves to gossip. She just loves spreading things around about other people, and when her family members tell her it’s wrong, she brushes off their comments and giggles. Her stories getting more and more ridiculous until one day all the children decide they don’t wanna play with her anymore. Talia realizes that no one wants to be her friend because of how she hurt them with her tongue. After apologizing, everyone forgives her and she learns her lesson about not gossiping and hurting others with her words.

Although I did find this story a little bit wordy and in need of some trimming, I do appreciate that it is unique and a much needed topic for kids who might not realize that words can hurt.

The illustrations are absolutely adorable and gorgeous and I loved how the story features a black Muslim family because we need so much more!

I liked how the story was tied into Islamic traditions and the hadith at the end is perfect for islamic teaching.

Check out this adorable book!


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