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Today is Jummah!

An adorable new board book release for young toddlers!!

Genre: Board Book

Ages: 0-4

Available: @yasminfaroukwrites@prolancepublishing@muslim.memories

What an amazing new board book about Jummah!! These five full page spreads are so adorable, with Jummah sunnahs, Jummah actions, and Jummah fun all over the pages in a unique format of look and find.

The page spreads have a box where the kids can look for items and the simple illustrations support the ability for the kids to search for the images they need to find. My toddler loved looking for the images and she carried this book everywhere with her, finding the items over and over.

I loved that the book contained Jummah sunnahs and Jummah Islamic actions, reinforcing the Islamic idea of Jummah being so important!

And did I mention the sourcing!!!! The author did an amazing job sourcing all the Jummah facts for the adults to learn too and it just made this book an authentic and valuable resource for littles.

⭐️⭐️Look for this book in the upcoming @bismillahboxkidsJummah box !!⭐️⭐️

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