Top Three Bilingual Books

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Top Three Bilingual Books

Bilingual books are among the most useful resources for teaching children how to read both English and Arabic. For starters, they are two books in one, and so it saves parents money! ⠀

And you get to read two languages to your children and help expand their linguistic skills by their listening to both languages.⠀

Bilingual books help children recognize letters more easily, and help with gaining vocabulary of both languages, especially the one they are weaker in. For example, my children are stronger in English, so when I ask them what a word in Arabic means, they look at the English word and the picture to define it for me. Using this deductive reasoning helps them retain the new Arabic vocabulary.⠀

My top three favorite Arabic/English bilingual books for toddlers/pre-schoolers are:⠀

1. I am a Muslim by @salam.series and sold by @deenhubb . I absolutely love this book so much. It contains essential aqeedah elements and teaches them in both languages. The pictures are vibrant and the letters big and easy to read. I also love that it is a board book, because it is sturdier than paperbacks.⠀

2. “Alif Baa Taa: Learning My Arabic Alphabet” by @civilianpublishing . This board book is among my favorites! It has beautiful pictures and is so useful for kids! Each letter is spelled out with transliteration, which is so useful for kids learning to read and recognize the Arabic letters. The corresponding word is also spelled out in transliteration, aiding the kids in learning to sound out and read Arabic.⠀

3. “ I Love You Allah” purchased from @alif2yaa . This story is fantastic. It talks about how Allah loves us and how he has gifted us with our five senses. I absolutely love how it expands children’s vocabulary and teaches them the names of their body parts. The pictures are wonderful, and the colored font attracts the attention of kids. ⠀

Prices and Direct links to buy these three books can be found in my blog under the book reviews section.