Top Three Ramadan books for Toddlers

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Top Three Ramadan books for Toddlers

Top Three Ramadan Books for Toddlers:⠀ ⠀ Ramadan is approaching, and now is the time to buy and prepare Ramadan stories for your children, to help them in understanding and celebrating this holy month.⠀

These three board books are perfect for toddlers, with their durable covers, bright colors, and cute themes. ⠀ ⠀ 1.“It’s Ramadan, Curious George” by @henakhanbooks is a fantastic board book for toddlers. With its shimmer cover, and different tabs for flipping through the book, it is unique in that it instantly pulls in the curious nature of toddlers to explore the book. It is about the popular small monkey called Curious George, and by adding my own monkey sounds, it made it very funny for my little toddler. The rhyme and the colors all blend together to make this my top book for toddlers this Ramadan.⠀

2.“R is for Ramadan” is a beautiful new board book published by @simonandschuster . It is in alphabetical order, and so helps your toddler with recognizing the alphabet. It also has fun pictures of Muslims doing family activities with big smiles on their faces. This really helps your children feel the Ramadan spirit. The cover is perfect to display with your #PurpleRamadan décor. The book is full of different Ramadan themes and is the perfect introduction to Ramadan for your little ones.⠀

3. “Celebrate the World: Ramadan” board book, also published by @simonandschuster is also the perfect board book for toddlers. It is very durable and contains cute Islamic pictures for your little one to enjoy. It teaches children everything fun and festive about Ramadan in simple words, and with a big font that is easy for children to look at. A wonderful festive book for toddlers.⠀ ⠀ Prices and Direct Links to these books can be found on my website, in the blog section under book reviews. The pictures make it easy to scroll through and they are recent additions, so they should be among the first to pop up. ⠀

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