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Turning back to Allah

Genre: Early Chapter Book

Ages: 6-10

Available: @kubepublishing

I have been eagerly awaiting this new chapter book from @aliya_vaughan . Her first book is one of our favorites and the main character Sulaiman is adorable and relatable.

This story is inspired about a story in hadith in which three men are traveling and get stuck in a cave. They start asking Allah to help them, each by mentioning a good deed they have done and that they did it only for Allah’s sake. The rocks move little by little until the third has said his good deed and they get free.

Similarly: Sulaiman goes on a caving trip with his friends but manages to get stuck, and remembering this story, mentions his good deeds until his group finds him and he is saved.

The pictures were adorable and so gorgeous. It is also a super quick read, both me and my ten year old read it in one sitting. It is entertaining and funny as well; I caught my son smiling while reading it and he was engaged the whole time.

I also enjoyed having a discussion with him and his sister about the Hadith, which is referenced at the back.

The book is also full of other Islamic tidbits, which is wonderful for our little ones!

Honestly, my only critique would be that the beginning of the book is slightly drawn out before the actual trip and I wanted a little more of the story.

This is definitely a solid series for young Muslims and I love the lessons they learn while reading. And if you haven’t yet, check out the first story about the importance of prayer!

price: 10 usd


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