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Umar and The Bully

Genre: Early Reader Chapter Book⠀

Ages: 6-9⠀

Available: kube publishing/

price: 7 usd


Islamic notes: pictures with smoking. Bullying. Hitting with bruises/threats. Stealing money.⠀

Summary: Umar overhears Asad, a young 7 year old, being bullied by Harith. He struggles with his feelings and talks to family and friends about it. After an inspirational story about Umar Ibn AlKhattab (RA), Umar decides to do something about the bully. He faces him and they get a teacher who takes Harith to the headmaster of the school. ⠀

My thoughts: I don’t know if an early reader is the place for these issues. There was a lot of angst and bullying, and though it was nice to see Umar do the right thing, it was still rather hard to read the bullying parts. I feel like sensitive kids might be scared by this.⠀

My favorite parts were the parts where they talked about Umar Ibn al-Khattab (RA) and how a Muslim should do the right thing and protect the weak. ⠀

The book seemed preachy though, and the grammar off. This is an old book, and I can see how kids nowadays might prefer other early readers. ⠀

Overall though, an early reader with a lot of lessons.

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