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Under My Hijab

Written by Hena Khan and illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel, and published by Lee and Low books.

Have you ever wondered how to explain hijab to little children? Maybe you are a teacher or pediatrician, etc..

Maybe you have a lot of kids you know ask you about your hijab, or maybe you even want to explain to your own children more about hijab.

This is the PERFECT book for ages 4 and up.

Whether children are Muslim or not, this book explains, in cute rhymes, that hijabi women can take off their hijab at the private space of their homes, and proudly wear cute and stylish hijabs out of their homes and in the various jobs they do! The illustrator did an amazing job with the pictures of the hijabs and I felt like I wanted to style my hijab like the women in the book.

This book debunks the stereotype that hijabi women are oppressed, and in fact shows that they are of all different types, pursue different careers, have different personalities, and even different color hair! In fact, my daughter especially liked the auntie with the pink hair.

Get your copy from Amazon for 13 usd.


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