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Under the San'a Skyline

A beautifully illustrated and full of heart story on a little girl living in war-torn Yemen.

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 5-8

Author: Salwa Mawari

Illustrator: Mary Charara

Self Published

Belquis has an assignment at her school- to write an inspiring story about Yemen. But when she looks around her city, all she sees are war torn houses, poverty and begging, and the signs of war on her beloved city.

But when her neighbor’s home collapses, everyone in the village works together to help- and Belquis realizes inspiration is in people- in their spirits no matter their situation.

This book was so heartwarming. Although the text is quite long, it is written very well and with beautiful lyrical language. The reader feels emotion with Belquis and the setting is richly described and shown.

I haven’t read books on Yemen, and this is a much needed story to tell. The culture and rich descriptions help bring much needed humanity to a place otherwise in the news for war, and the story made my heart move and hurt for the people there. May Allah help them!

Check this important book out.


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