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Four Quranic story books

These four books each tell a story from the Quran.

1. The Ark of Nuh tells the story of Prophet Nuh (as) in a clear and understandable way for children.

link: 2. The Ant’s Panic talks of the miracles of Prophet Sulaiman (as) and the ant that he heard warning her friends to hide before he stepped on them with his huge army. 3. Tale of a Fish is about Prophet Yunus (as) and how he left his tribe because he gave up on them, but after being swallowed by a whale and making Tawbah to Allah, Allah returned him to his tribe and they all accepted the true religion he was preaching!

link: 4. The Sleepers in the Cave is about the Ahl-Alkahf, who slept for 309 years in a cave because they were being persecuted by their King for worshipping Allah. When they woke up, the new generations and King all worshipped Allah and the people of the cave were an amazing sign of the Power of Allah!


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