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We Hunt the Flame

Age recommendation: high school (ages 16 and up)

Islamic screening: Book includes magic.

Romance, but limited to kissing and some touching.

Ghayb matters- Jinn, ifrit references, as well as new creatures called Safin who are “immortal”

Note: this book isn’t really Islamic. They have “Muslim” names and cultural references (food, clothes...) that seem from a “Middle-Eastern” or “South-Asian” culture, but the characters don’t really seem to follow any religion.

Summary: Zafira is a huntress in her country, and secretly a “compass”, which means she has the magic to always find her way. Nasir is the sultan’s son and a “hassasin” who kills people based on his father’s whim (to please his father). The silver witch (the only remaining magical person in the realm) encourages them both to go to Sharr to capture the “flame”, the last remaining remnant of the “sisters of old” who had magic. Bringing back this magic would restore order to the country as well as give the starving people access to more food. Along this journey, Nasir and Zafira discover their feelings for each other and learn how to bring love back into their hearts, to defeat the evil.

This story was absolutely well written though it it took me a few chapters to understand the whole storyline and idea.

There are nice themes in the book: about defeating evil, finding your self and your power, and standing up for your identity. It also addresses a women’s power and shows how Zafira didn’t hide her identity at some point (the unveiling did make me uncomfortable, and it could imply unveiling gives power- depending on how you read it)-this I wish was different.

There were other character arcs where characters would lose the love of those closest to them (mothers, fathers, children) and the book would show how that would affect them. The book really was good at connecting emotionally with the reader.

The book left off at a cliffhanger and made me excited for the next book.

The author@hafsahfaizal ( a niqabi writer!) has a wonderful talent for writing and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

This is available on Amazon


price: 12 usd

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