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We're Off to Make Umrah

I was so pleasantly surprised by this book!!⠀

Genre: Picture Book ⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Price: 8 usd⠀



Islamic notes: Perfectly clean, full of Umrah facts⠀

I know this@kubepublishingbook isn’t about Hajj, it is about Umrah, but I think it’s the perfect time (and book) to teach kids the difference between Hajj and Umrah!!⠀

The story is absolutely fantastic, written in delightful perfect rhyme and organized in a useful and educational way. The pictures are wonderful and vibrant and my kids listened the whole time I read it.⠀

It starts with an author’s note to help parents explain the difference between Hajj and Umrah. Then the little boy appears and explains his Umrah trip, that the Kaabah is built by Prophet Ibrahim (AS), showing the Ihram being put on from before the meeqat area, Tawaf being 7 times, and then the Sayii at Safa and Marwa. Zamzam and Maqam Ibrahim are explained, and then the little boy gets his hair shaved with his father. Then they spend their days at Madinah, and their Umrah trip has come to an end.⠀

I liked all the Islamic facts in the story, and how it was tailored for children. I also loved that the Talbiyyah was mentioned numerous times! ⠀

One of my most favorite things was that the book came with an activity sheet, which contained a paper doll set with a map showing Umrah and a change of Ihram clothes. I do wish that the paper was thicker quality because it was impossible to stand the dolls up. But my kids still loved playing with it and using the paper dolls on the map, and I was so glad there was an interactive part to the story.⠀

For sure a must have book for little Muslims!❤️

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