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Welcome Ramadan Basket

Reverts are among the loneliest Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. This blessed month can be challenging to many, and for a new Muslim, it is a whole new concept. This can make it even more daunting.⠀ Unfortunately, reverts are commonly neglected and forgotten in our communities after the first time they proclaim their Shahada and everyone congratulates them. This year, before Ramadan starts, remember your new Brothers/Sisters in Islam, and use the tips below to welcome them to Ramadan.⠀ 1. A Welcome Ramadan Basket: This can be filled with useful items that will help anyone feel the Ramadan Spirit. I filled mine with an Islamic Journal by Ayeina , a Fortress of the Muslim Book (Amazon), a package with a kufi, musk, dhikr beads as well as a siwak(overseas), a Ramadan Banner and Ramadan pencil from With A Spin , a Eid Banner from Star Paper Moon , gold fan Décor Set made by Eid Creations from Happy Street-Store , Ramadan coasters from Made with Hab, Ramadan Napkins from Zaffron Shop , Ramadan Balloons, chocolates wrapped in Ramadan wrappers from Up a Notch , printable Ramadan bookmarks and Ramadan Cards from my website, and a Ramadan postcard from Hafsa Creates where we will write a beautiful message.⠀ More ideas: a prayer rug, a translated Quran, a hijab for women and a kufi for men, as well as dates and snacks. 2. Invite a revert over for Iftar. We might take it for granted but having Iftar with other fasters is a powerful way of celebrating Ramadan. Many reverts eat Iftar alone, possibly even without the support of family.⠀ 3. Make sure your community provides sessions with the Imam in Ramadan (and other times) to help them in learning more about Islam and strengthening their faith.⠀ 4. Make them feel welcome at the Masjid. Make sure they are comfortable to participate in community activities like Taraweeh Prayer and Potlucks/Qiyams.⠀ 5. Just Reach Out! Sometimes, all it takes is asking your fellow Muslims if they need anything and providing a phone number they can call if they have any questions or concerns.

I hope this is useful.

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