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What Color is My Hijab?

I LOVE and ADORE this book!!!!!⠀

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Price: 18 usd

Available: Amazon/Barnes and Noble⠀


OMG! I love this book by@hudda_ibrahim

I just can’t get over how beautiful and well written this is!! This is so perfect for introducing hijab to little ones in a positive and empowering way, while also including tons of learning!⠀

The book is a big hardcover, with gorgeous glossy pages, and a clear font for beginning readers. ⠀

It starts off with saying Hijab is a crown and worn in different ways and colors.⠀

This is a color book, so each page includes the statement “I know someone in a “color” hijab” and after talks of the career and qualities of that person. The girl continues, “when I want to “do something like this person” I will wear a color hijab like them.⠀

And so on...⠀

10 different colors (and careers) are shown, and 10 different wonderful qualities of kindness, caring, love, strength and more are shown.⠀

I love how the book empowers children to love the hijab and shows how hijab doesn’t hold anyone back from what they want to do. I love the different styles, the colors, and the vibrant patterns displayed in the book.⠀

And most of all: I love the diversity!!! I love that this is a black-led, black authored book, and full of beautiful black characters within!⠀

I also like the information about hijabs and the author’s note at the end!⠀

Definitely a must have book❤️❤️

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