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What did Allah Create for me!

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 4-6⠀

Available: @maymunahsmusings@crescentmoonbookstore

Islamic notes: mentions of music⠀

Maymunah is BACK in another delightful tale, and book two is all about Allah’s name Al-Khaleq, the Creator.⠀

What better place to show Allah’s beautiful creation than in nature? And Maymunah’s story starts with a camping trip with her cousins. The problem is her brother Malik doesn’t want to go, and he doesn’t seem to recognize the beauty of the outdoors and the wonders of Allah’s creation around him. (He would rather play video games, how relatable is this😅)!⠀

Maymunah and her family go hiking, fishing, and they sit around the campfire, and by the end of the trip, Malik is finally starting to notice the beauty of Allah’s creation around them (pointed out to the reader through different animals, bugs, and even the gorgeous sunset)!⠀

My favorite part was when little Deen was scared of a bug and it was explained to him that even little bugs are created for a purpose. It was a nice intro to young ones and it sparked an interesting conversation between me and my children about how Allah created nature and the “circle of life”.⠀

I loved how Maymunah mentions in the end that she is the most grateful for Allah’s creation of her brother Malik, and I loved how that emphasized family love and sibling bonds.⠀

The story is a beautiful introduction to kids on Allah’s name Al-Khaleq and I can’t wait to see more of adorable Maymunah in the future!⠀

The activities at the end were an added bonus for the kids!

This is the perfect book to get kids excited about summer and going outside to explore nature. It can be used as encouragement to go on your own camping and hiking trips to explore the beautiful creation of Al-Khaleq!

price: 18 usd


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