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What do you say?

This bilingual book from @compassbooks is so awesome! My kids loved it and they learned so much from it.⠀

First off, it has Islamic morals and quotes inside of it, and teaches children the appropriate Islamic saying to say in each situation. It does this through a story about a dragon named Violet who comes to take a little boy on an adventure. ⠀

The book is in both Arabic and English, and the text was clear and large enough for the kids to read and for me to read to them. There are harakat that help the Arabic reading and the Islamic phrases are put on separate pages to further highlight their importance (they are also translated!)⠀

The phrases are taught in a guessing way, and my kids loved guessing which phrase came next.⠀

The story is entertaining and full of many different exciting creatures, and the pictures are adorable for helping the kids understand the text.⠀

The arabic words and sentences are advanced, and I suggest a mastery of Arabic reading for the parent, so as to help the kids understand the words.⠀

This book is perfect for children who like to read bilingual books, and it helped my children learn many new Arabic words and vocab.⠀

Get yours from @compassbooks and the book is also available on


price: 10 CAD

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