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What if Dinosaurs were Muslims?

Another amazingly adorable book from @bismillahbees

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-6

Available: Amazon

Ahhh this book is soooooo cute!!!! Everything about it made me and my 4 year old smile so much!

In this book, dinosaurs come to life and go with the little Muslim girl and boy and do good deeds. They give 3 times the love to their mother, (Ummaka, Ummaka, Ummaka, thuma Abook), say Bismillah before they eat, are kind to their neighbors, and are nice to everyone!!

I loved how the book had the sources at the end!! And the uniqueness of the book makes it so useful and helps children remember and retain the information more easily!

The book also discusses racism and treating everyone kindly at the end which I appreciated!!

The rhymes are super cute, the pictures are absolutely adorable, and the book a wonderful fun read!

Check it out.

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