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What's this? Ma Hatha

This book by @nemahshouse blew me away!!⠀

First off, its a board book, but its huge!! It is not only big, but high quality and colorful, and this makes it easier for the kids to look at the words and read them. ⠀

The book is called “What’s This? ما هذا" and it is like a toddler/pre-schooler encyclopedia of Arabic words. At the end of the book, there is an index with the words on each page, their transliteration, translation, french translation, as well as if they are feminine or masculine words in Arabic and هذا/هذه.⠀

The pictures are vibrant and absolutely gorgeous and the words are written in a clear font with harakat to make it easy to read.⠀

Topics include: colors, shapes, numbers, the body, clothes, food, fruits, and vegetables.⠀

This book can also be used with a dry-erase marker to trace the words since its on glossy material, so its perfect for learning reading and writing.⠀

@nemahshouse actually just started their own website! Head to this link for purchases:

price: 19 usd

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