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When Stars are Scattered



Genre: Graphic Novel (Based on a TRUE STORY)⠀⁣

Age Recommendation : Middle Grade/ Ages 9+⠀⁣

Price: 11.50 usd⁣

Available: Amazon⠀⁣


Islamic screening: light reference to drugs. Mentions of a young refugee girl who is “forced” into marriage because her family needs her “dowry” money. Some fights.⁣


⭐️There are a lot of Islamic references like prayer, athan, Ramadan, Eid, and Quran lessons. ⠀⁣


⭐️Omar Mohamed is a Somali Refugee in a camp in Kenya. He fled with his baby brother after his dad got killed, and was separated from his mother. Omar’s brother, Hassan, has a disability and Omar takes care of him. Omar is smart and wants to go to school. But life in the camp is hard, and Omar faces a lot of problems, most of which are due to him being an orphan and the caretaker of his brother. ⁣

The book really shows what its like to live in a refugee camp, and the struggles of living with minimal food, dirt as a bed, and tents for homes. It teaches the reader so much about what it really is like to flee a country from war.⠀⁣


Omar persists and works hard..⠀⁣


And eventually, Omar makes it to America, where he is able to continue his studies and write this book. He also founded an organization called Refugee Strong and goes back each year to Dadaab to give back to people there.⁣


Omar is human and goes through so many emotions and struggles, and seeing him grapple with obstacles makes the reader feel so invested in the outcome.⠀⁣


⭐️I was brought to tears by this book. I literally was sobbing through parts of this and holding my heart as I read. I couldn’t put it down once I started, and once I finished, I was determined to let my son read it. It touched him deeply too, and he loved it. He sat and talked to me and his dad about all the lessons he learned. It really puts life into perspective, showing the reader how much there is to be grateful for, while also helping the reader feel empathy and a need to help other refugees like Omar. It spurred him to donate from his saved eid money to the refugee organization.⁣


⭐️I encourage all middle-grade readers (and even YA/13+ ages) to get this book. It genuinely is a must have!⁣

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