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"Which Letter did the Monster Eat?"

Arabic level: pretty easy for a fluent arabic reader to get through, and even my kids could read it with their beginner arabic. The words repeat and they are simple.⠀

We got this book from @myarabibox. Each Tuesday, they drop a new high quality Arabic book, and we picked this one up one of those times!⠀

This is probably my kids favorite Arabic book currently and they request me to read it over and over. One of the best parts if the book is that you can use a flashlight to look under the monster’s stomach and see the missing letters.⠀

The book has the monster going around and eating letters, which changes the whole meaning of words. A simple missing letter can change a whole meaning- and the book plays with these words. This really is a good exercise in Arabic vocabulary for little kids!⠀

The pictures are beautiful and the words are funny, and kids love reading it and using the flashlight to figure out the sentences! ⠀

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