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Who Will Help Me Make Iftar?

Who will Help me make iftar by Ruqaya's Bookshelf is a wonderful Ramadan story about helpfulness and generosity!⠀

Mustafa Amca and his wife Ayse Teyze hold a big Iftar at their house every year on the first day of Ramadan, but this year Ayse was sick, and so Mustafa decided to do everything for the Iftar himself, because he did not want to cancel their beloved tradition. He asks his daughter for help buying the dates, but she makes an excuse. He asks his friend to help him make the soup, but his friend makes an excuse. He asks his neighbor to help him cook the dinner, but his neighbor makes an excuse. He asks his grand-daughter to help him make the salad, but she makes an excuse (she is playing video games, which really made it relatable to my kids lol).⠀

Mustafa does everything himself, and when it was time for Iftar, he invites everyone to come and eat. They feel guilty about not helping and ask him how can they eat when they didn’t help. But Mustafa replies that Allah loves those who are generous, and that he wants Allah to love him.

I honestly loved this book, and my children were giggling and entertained the whole time. I like how it taught my children about being generous, even when you might not see people responding in kind. I like how Mustafa did not give up when his friends and neighbors did not help him, but still persisted in doing the truth. This is a valuable lesson to teach our children. There is always benefit in doing right actions even if you don‘t see it at first, and it is very likely that when you do good and treat people with generosity, they will eventually reciprocate and appreciate your kindness, as Mustafa’s friends and family ended up doing. ⠀

Mustafa did not wait for anyone to thank him, and he didn’t ask them for anything in return after Iftar was over. He made the iftar for Allah’s pleasure, and it was clear that Allah’s reward was enough for him. This is a very good reminder to even adults about being perfectly charitable and not canceling their generosity by following it up with reminders of it or injury (as said in the Quran 2:264).

What a wonderful Ramadan book!

Get your own from Ruqaya’s Bookshelf for 12.49


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