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Womankind: Fatima Al-Fihri

Genre: Non-Fiction Picture Book⠀

Ages: 5-8⠀

Available: @ahlankids

This book is such an adorable introduction to children on the true story of Fatima Al-Fihri and how she built the first university in the world.⠀

I liked how it was written simply and easy for children to understand. It relates how Fatima lived in Fez, Morocco and learned at the Mosque when she was a child. When she was older and her father died, Fatima used her inheritance to build a mosque, and around it, the first university in the world.⠀

The end of the book includes more information about the historical University of Al-Qarawiyyin.⠀

I liked how the book showed how Fatima’s inspiration came from the word “Iqra”, and how true knowledge is learning and teaching others. (An Islamic tradition based on a hadith)⠀

I love how her love of knowledge stemmed from going to the Masjid, and the book showcases that knowledge and learning go hand in hand with being a good Muslim.⠀

The pictures were so adorable and vibrant and my kids loved the book!⠀

We def need more non-fiction historical books about the amazing historical Muslims who contributed to make the world a better place! It really is a beautiful way to combat stereotypes and Instill Islamic pride in our young ones.⠀

I can’t wait to see more from this publisher!

price: 9 usd


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