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Yaa to Ants

My toddler loved this adorable Arabic Alphabet book and its beautifully illustrated and a useful learning tool, albeit a simple story.

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-6

Author: Sadaf Alam

Illustrator: Aisha Aamir

Published by Purple Crescent Press

Ya is on a mission. He is following the ants, and wondering where they are going. Along the way, he collects the rest of the Arabic Alphabet, until they get to the end, and find a feast.

A feast of Arabic alphabets.

My toddler loved this book and it was a fun read aloud for both of us! The pictures of the story are gorgeous and the words humorous.

I did find some of the transliterations a bit wrong- suad and duad- probably more accurately sád and dád, but it was fine for reading, if one is proficient in the Arabic letters themselves.

The only Arabic in the book is the letters and the words in the back so it is not too hard for non Arab speakers, but might get confusing with the transliteration.

I really liked that there were little images hidden in the images, and at the end, each image is defined in Arabic and English, with a source of where in the Quran the word is, which I really liked as added learning.

The book is a cute alphabet book and one kids will enjoy reading.


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