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Yan's Hajj

This book is so beautiful and full of amazing morals. It is written by Fawzia Gilani and published by Kube Publishing.

It is for Ages 5 and up.

It describes a man named Yan’s numerous attempts to go to Hajj. Each time he makes enough money, he sees someone in need, and gives them the money instead. At the end of the story, he feels sad that he has gotten old and does not have the energy to work and save money anymore. Then, all the people he helped came to him and helped him and offer him money for his Hajj trip. Finally, he makes it to the Kaaba at end of the book!

The end really brought tears to my eyes, may Allah bless us all with performing Hajj.

Important morals in the story that the children and I discussed after reading are the fact that if you give your money away in charity, Allah will give you back more than you gave away! This is so important for the children to learn. I also loved that this book helps children put in their mind the importance of Hajj as a Pillar of Islam.

Also, it shows the power of helping people, and that Allah will help those who help others!

Get it from @crescentmoonbookstore for 8 dollars.


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