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Yasmin 2021 titles

This years new Yasmin releases by @saadiafaruqi and @capstonepub are here and we are so excited!!❤️

Genre: Early Reader

Ages: 6-9

Available: my Amazon page: link in bio

This early reader series remains one of my daughter’s favorites and these beautiful hardcovers are absolutely so gorgeous and fun for her to read! (Can’t wait till her two younger sisters are old enough to read them as well!)

Yasmin the Singer:

Yasmin is so excited to go to a party with Mama and Nani and wear her Shalwar Kameez. She gets Henna painted, and watches kids sing songs in Urdu. Yasmin is too shy and stays close to her mom. But slowly…she comes out of her shell.

Yasmin the Librarian: Yasmin brings her favorite book from her Baba to school. But while helping the librarian, she loses it. Can she find it among all the books?

Yasmin the Recycler: Yasmin is excited to help the planet, by recycling. But none of her friends seem to care. So Yasmin comes up with an idea…a Paratha party to encourage the class that recycles the most!

Yasmin the Scientist: Yasmin doesn’t know what to make for the Science Fair. She asks Mama and Baba, but finally finds answers when Nani makes lemonade. On the day of the science fair, Yasmin is ready…with a delicious science experiment!

The books consists of 3 chapters, and at the end an Urdu glossary, Pakistan facts, Think about it questions, and a project. Each chapters is about 6 pages, half of which are beautifully illustrated. The gorgeous illustrations by @metahatem just compliment the stories.

I liked the beautiful hijab Mama wore, the Urdu words in each story, and the Desi cultural references sprinkled throughout. The books each have a cute lesson to learn, whether overcoming shyness, taking care of the planet, being creative, or sharing books!

I like how this story is about a fun-loving Yasmin just living a normal life! Little Muslim kids will see themselves on the pages and relate to adorable Yasmin. No Muslim lessons are taught but the stories are universal and entertaining, with big font that is easy to read for early readers.

I def recommend this whole series for little readers.

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