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Yasmin the Explorer

I think I have said this before: The Yasmin series written by Saadia Faruqi, Author & Interfaith Activist is amazing! The pictures by Metahatem - Hatem Aly are superb and expressive!

This book is Yasmin the Explorer. The story is about how Yasmin draws a map and uses it at the farmer’s market when she gets lost. I love how the book shows her relationship with her mother and father as one where they clearly value and love her. Her dad calls her “Jaan”, an urdu term of endearment; this subtle way of introducing cultural diversity in children’s books is great in promoting tolerance.

I also really like how Yasmin solves her issues on her own! She teaches children to take charge and be proactive in solving problems.

The last few pages of the book include a mango lassi recipe (yum!) and facts about Pakistan (so awesome for kids to learn).

The reading level for this story is (K-2) and it is a wonderful addition for any school’s library.

You can find the Yasmin books at Crescent Moon Store for 6 usd.


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