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Yasmin the Painter

I cannot say enough good things about this series of books authored by Saadia Faruqi, Author & Interfaith Activist illustrated by Metahatem - Hatem Aly And published by Capstone . I ordered the first four from Crescent Moon Store and hope to get the new ones soon inshaAllah.

Each book is six dollars and contains an adorable bookmark with it! (Am I the only one obsessed with bookmarks?)

This book is called “Yasmin the Painter” and talks about how Yasmin enters a painting contest in her school and starts off feeling like she is not good enough but ends up using her imagination to complete her painting❤️

This is perfect for beginner readers and the reading level says KG to 2nd. My son is in second and easily got through it. There are three chapters of 4 to 6 pages and vivid illustrations that helped even my four year old understand the story. I love that at the end, there was a page for urdu words (Yasmin is Pakistani-American), a page for info on Pakistan, a page with a cute craft on it, and a page with questions for the children to think about!

The series is perfect at showing the diversity in Muslim children of immigrants growing up in America while also being totally relatable and cool!

A must buy! I even suggest Islamic schools stock up on this wonderful series.


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