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You Can Do It, Yasmin


Age recommendation: early reader chapter book: ages 6-9⠀

Islamic screening: no concerns⠀

As always, I am absolutely delighted by every aspect of every book in the Yasmin series from @saadiafaruqi and @capstonepub.⠀

This chapter book is a compilation of the newest four books of the series. I actually preferred this format of combining four together in one instead of buying each of the books separately. It kept my daughter engaged in reading for a long time, as well as kept all the stories in one place, which made it easy to place on the bookshelf and less likely to get lost.⠀

This particular title is self explanatory- all the stories in this book are about Yasmin overcoming her fears and feeling empowered about decisions in her life.⠀

In Yasmin the Soccer Star, Yasmin is nervous about playing soccer, especially since it looks so dangerous on tv when her dad watches. She tries her best and actually does well! Yasmin feels so proud of herself. ⠀

In Yasmin the Gardener, Yasmin learns how to care for a flower plant, like a “mama cares for her baby”. Yasmin struggles at first, but learns how to nurture her plant, drawing inspiration from her Nana and Nani.⠀

In Yasmin the Writer, Yasmin needs to write an essay for school about her hero and struggles to figure out who that could be. After a few struggles, she realizes her true hero is Her mom! (This made me teary eyed❤️)⠀

In Yasmin the Friend, Yasmin has invited her two friends over to play, but they don’t all agree about what to play. Yasmin uses her creativity and imagination to invent a game they all love. ⠀

I love how the family love in this book is beautiful and on point! The beautiful small Islamic details like Mama’s hijab, as well as the cultural references like desi food and words, all add to the richness of the book.⠀ And as always, Yasmin is a spunky cute character that is so easy to love!

The chapters are easy to read and the words simple enough to understand by early readers. My 6 year was able to read it fully on her own! Definitely a must have! ⠀

Get this Yasmin book (and the two other ones) at @crescentmoonbookstore


price: 6 usd

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