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ZairZabrPlay Quran Book

Updated: May 7

Another great board book for children 3 and 4 years old. It simplifies and tells the story of 6 Prophets, each coming with their own little activity. The puzzle cut-outs are awesome for hand-eye coordination skills, and help the kids to remember the story better! The book is also useful for learning to count.

A note for any non-urdu speakers is that Hajaar (ra) is called bibi hajra, meaning Miss Haajar, and I loved this term of respect❤️

Something I would change though is some of the wording in the stories. For example, Prophet Yunus (as) jumped overboard out of the boat and did not fall...another story I am still unsure about is the one of Prophet Hud(as) and if the people in the caves were really safe from the tornado? I was always under the assumption that no one was safe except those following the Prophet(as), even those hiding inside their cave homes. Wa Allahu A3lam! Just my thoughts.

I still really enjoyed the stories and my kids enjoyed the activities involved!

Got this from Amazon for 25 dollars.


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