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“Zak and His Little Lies”

“Zak and His Little Lies” is the second book in a series about a funny little boy who seems to have a knack for getting himself into trouble. It is written by J. Saima Mair and wonderfully illustrated by Omar Burgess; it is also published by Kube publishing.

Ages 4 and up will be engaged with it and entertained by it.

See my previous post about “Zak and His Good Intentions” for the first book.

This time, Zak just can’t seem to tell the truth. He thinks about it, especially since he is told by his parents that he will not be allowed to go to the skateboard park if he lies. Somehow though, he always ends up lying either to appear brave in front of his sister and friends, or to avoid getting in trouble by the adults. At the end of the story, his lies lead to his sister Hana getting in trouble, and it makes him feel guilty, causing him to not even want to go to the park anymore. He talks with his father about the Quranic Ayahs and Hadith on how lying is un-Islamic, and how truthfulness leads to Good deeds and Jannah. Telling the truth helped him feel emotionally better too, which teaches the children reading the story that lying, even if someone gets away with it, will cause their own heart to hurt. And so it is better to always tell the truth even if lying seems appealing to them.

Get yours on the Precious pearls website for 11.99 usd.


For Fun: when I saw the Terrarium’s named “Dwayne’s World” I had a good laugh to myself. Does anyone know the movie that this is alluding?

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