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Zaydo Potato: Can Allah See Me Now

One of the most important values we can teach our kids is that of The presence of Allah constantly with us. If our kids learn to be aware of this, I feel like everything else in their deen will fall into place inshaAllah, because they will mold their life into pleasing Allah❤️

This book is perfect for ages 4 and up!

My kids enjoyed reading about how Zayd and Kareem (also the names of their cousins😉) play a game of hide and seek. The kids keep hiding and asking their mother if Allah can see them. Their mother teaches them that Allah can see you no matter where you hide. It is a beautiful moral taught with adorable illustrations and easy to understand words. At the end of the book, there are activities to make the story even more enjoyable, such as looking for shapes in the book.


It is only 9.99 from their site!

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